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Welcome to We Ride! The classic hardcore PVP experience is back from the dark ages of MMO.

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Let's bring the thrill back

Do you look back with nostalgia to when online games were still actually exciting? Are you waiting for that next mmorpg that will bring back all those amazing adventures?

Look no more! I'm building We Ride in an attempt to bring that ultimate online pvp thrill back from the rpg's of the 90's.

Also, I want it to be hard as hell. No magically flaming swords, no mighty castles. No, you live in a barren desert, you're gonna get killed and looted, and you're gonna love it!

The basics

The paperdoll

The basics

All players share the same world, there are no safe zones, and PVP is allowed everywhere.

If you die, everything you wear, plus inventory, will be laying on the ground for anyone to loot. You'll become a ghost and can resurrect at the nearest life gate. If you make it back in time, you may loot yourself.

What you'll do in We Ride is totally up to you. Train your skills in battle to become the greatest warrior, explore the world as a ranger and tame wild animals, or study the power of the magic nature of the world.

Skills and stats

Fighting skeletons in Newbie Dungeon

Skills and stats

The skills are grouped into the following classes; warrior, ranger, mage and thief. You become better at skills by practicing them.

You may train any skills you like, and try to find the most efficient build. But, if you keep to one class, you will become specialized and get bonuses and drawbacks.

In the alpha, you will gain skills super fast. Also, your health and mana will be at 100 by default.

Play Making we ride

Making We ride

Unreal Engine 4

We Ride is made with Unreal Engine and its Blueprint Visual Scripting.

I'm using an SQL database to store character and inventory data. To communicate between the game server and the database, I use the VaRest plugin sending JSON data back and forth.

Apart from the above, I've managed to build We Ride entirely using Blueprint!

Special thanks <3

I'd like to thank CodeSpartan for his amazing MMO-kit and for helping me whenever I got stuck!

I really recommend buying the kit if you want to get started building a real MMO!

About me

My name is Ben Holme. I work as a technical producer, building websites and applications, in Stockholm.

Sometimes I do graphic design and illustrations.

I've spent the last year (or so) building We Ride during free nights and weekends.

Contact me

If have any questions about me or We Ride or if you want to give me feedback, criticism or appreciation, I'd love to hear about it!

Also, if you want to help, don't hesitate to to send me an e-mail.

Let the

Buying and selling stuff in town

Newbie guide

You'll start with pretty much nothing. It might be a good idea to try to locate the Tutorial. When you've made it through there, you should go to Town to get some bandages etc.

Most NPC's in town will respond to chat commands like 'buy' and 'sell'. Also, '.guards' might be a good one. For more chat commands try '.help'!

When you've geared up a bit, go to Newbie Dungeon to kill some skeletons.

OK, got it!

Murderers, criminals and friendly characters

Be good. Or don't get caught!

In some areas, like in Town, there's guards to protect you from criminals and murderers.

If you offend another friendly character, a blue, you will be flagged criminal, gray, and wont get protection from town guards.

If you kill too many blues, you will be flagged murderer, red. The guards may be called to kill reds, simply for being inside the guarded area. So if you can't be stay out of trouble, stay out of Town!

Player vs player

Player vs player

Player vs player

Now to the fun stuff. Killing another player will give you one kill and some bounty on your head. How much bounty depends on how many kills your victim had.

To collect bounty, cut off the head of the wanted, bring it to a bank, and say 'I claim my reward!'.

In pvp, speed is key, so make sure you've configured your hotkeys and equipped the best combination of armors and weapons you can muster!

Wiki & Lore

We Ride in a big evil world so don't expect to find too many helping hands. If you want to prevail, you must first conquer, and if you wanna have a fighting chance, you must first study!

This is the place for knowledge.


Certain skills have intimate bounds to one another. If you plan your skills well, some truly advantageous abilities might unveil.

To specialize and improve in a class, you must keep to the skills within that class.

Level Skill points Purity
1 150 50%
2 225 75%
3 300 90%
4 350 95%
Go see a Skill Master to drop skills you don't want.
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The Warrior

The strength of arms and legs, the speed and precision that only an upbringing in constant competition may produce -- that is the virtues of the warrior!

You aren't afraid of scratches and bruises. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The mystery of the magical world however, you better stay clear of.



Higher skill absorbs greater physical damage.


Higher skill deals more melee damage.


Use bandages and apply on self or other character. Higher skill restores more health.

Class specification

  • Faster healing
  • Deal more physical damage
  • Absorb more physical damage
  • Absorb less magical damage
Bonus! High level warriors may use bandages to resurrect dead players.

The Ranger

A lone wolf, a master of bow and arrow, and a true survivor -- the ranger is a way of life in harmony with the elements and the wild nature.

Adventure and exploration is your calling. What ever lies in your path there's a way around it. But be careful, your bow isn't much help in close battle.



Higher skill deals more archery damage.


Us to tame wild animals and creatures to keep as companions. Higher skill unlocks greater tamable creatures.


Use to find nearby characters. Higher skill tracks a greater area.

Camping (Using tracking skill)

Gather kindlings from trees and light a campfire to regenerate health.

Class specification

  • Deal more archery damage
  • Heal more with campfires
  • Keep hostile animals calm longer while taming
  • Can't wear plate armor.

The Mage

As bad-ass sorcerer with all the magic tricks in the book, you're the most versatile build in the land.

You keep your party boosted, healed and healthy, but there's a lot of damaging spells to crush your enemies with.

However, if you find your self cornered out and you run out of that precious mana, things can get pretty nasty -- very fast.



Use to cast spells. Higher skill deals more magical damage, absorbs more magical damage and gives greater chance of casting difficult spells.


Use to make potions. Higher skill unlocks recipes for more potent potions.


Use to restore mana. Higher skill gives greater chance of entering a meditative trance.

Class specification

  • Faster meditation
  • Deal more magical damage
  • Absorb more magical damage
  • Absorb less physical damage.
  • Can't wear plate armor.

The Crafter

Crafters play a key role in We Ride. They craft all the sweet equipment for the fighting classes.

Repairs, fixes, and new and better gear is always on high demand, so crafters usually make many good friends.

A smart crafter makes sure to make som powerful allies and wealthy trading partners. The most epic craftable equipment require rare magical artifacts to reach the skills needed.


Blacksmithing (& Mining)

Use a pickaxe to mines ores. Use forge to melt ore to get ingots. Use a smith's hammer to craft equipment. Higher skill unlocks more craftables.

Lumberjacking (& Carpentry)

Use an axe on trees to get logs. Use carpeter's toolbox to craft wooden stuff. Higher skill unlocks more craftables.

Arms Lore

Use to get details about weapons and armor.

Class specification

  • Craft equipment of exceptional quality, boosting damage/armor
  • Faster mining
  • Faster lumberjacking


Magic equipment

Crafted equipment

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Crafted equipment

Crafters play a key role in We Ride. They craft all the sweet equipment for the fighting classes. Depending on the crafter's skill and the resources used to craft something, a wide range of special properties and qualities may apply to that item.

Most of these resources can be extracted in mines, refined from animal hides or from wooden materials.

Some must be found elsewhere...

Known resources


Use a pickaxe on mines.

Material Quality Special
dull copper 0.5
bronze 0.6
spike 0.7
copper 0.9
ice rock 0.8 water 25%
normal 1.0
onyx 1.1 earth 25%
godess 0.9 air 25%
lava rock 1.0 fire 50%
spider stone 1.25 poison 2
angel 1.3 air 50%
python crystal 1.8 poison 10, earth 50%


Use an axe on trees.

Material Quality Special
drywood 0.5
pinetree 0.6
tannwood 0.7
oak 0.8
rock leaf 0.8 earth 25%
stormwood 1.1 air 25%
frost leaf 0.9 water 25%
charred 1.0 fire 50%
angelic 1.15 air 50%
spider tree 1.1 poison 3
jade 1.8 poison 6, earth 50%




Crafting an item using a specific resource affects the item's damage/armor mod. If the material of the resource has special properties, theses apply too.

High level crafters may produce exceptional equipment, resulting in additional damage/armor boost.

Magic equipment

Magic items can be looted from monsters and treasure chests, and they come in many forms.



Suffix mod
ruin +1
might +2
force +3
power +4
vanquishing +5
devastation +6


Suffix mod
defence +1
guarding +2
hardening +3
fortification +4
invulnerability +5
invincibility +6

Skill mod

prefix mod
apprentice +3
journeyman +4
expert +5
adept +6
master +7
grandmaster +8
elder +9
legendary +10

Poison protection

suffix protection
lesser 1
medium 2
greater 3
deadly 4
Snake handler's 5

Elemental protection

suffix protection
bane 10%
warding 30%
protection 50%
immunity 75%
attunement 100%
absorption 110%
Magical protection against spells of fire, water, earth and air.

Health boost

prefix mod
Warrior's +5
Veteran's +10
Champion's +15
Hero's +20
Warlord's +25
King's +30

Mana boost

prefix mod
Apprentice's +5
Adept's +10
Wizard's +15
Archmage's +20
Magister's +25
Oracle's +30

Free action

Property found on jewelry that gives permanent protection against paralyze spells.

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